tough bubba is the serialised story of Finn, our son born too soon, too small and too sick.

It is a stark, vivid and true first hand depiction of the significant medical hurdles of a baby born extremely prematurely and the ceaseless distress and trauma for his parents. I aim to raise awareness of the reality of life for families embarking on this perilous journey of uncertainty and high levels of medical intervention following extremely premature birth.

I aim to reflect the tumult of the first lonely days where we spent five months in and out of intensive and high dependency care across 4 different London hospitals. To today, where almost three years on we continue to fight some medical battles but now Finn has started preschool, he is thriving and we can look towards the future with a sense of excitement we never knew would be possible and in doing so, inspire hope in those that might be going through something similar themselves.

Prematurity and its implications is an issue that is often excluded from the media, and the complications of which in the public domain are little known both as a complication of pregnancy and fertility and postnatally in the impact on the mental health of the parents and on the quality of life of the child.


Please do email me at harrietalexandra@icloud.com. My instagram @hatalexandra is also linked on the blog and you can see how fabulously Finn is doing today.